Huichol & Tepehuano Items

We offer some gloriously colorful Huichol and Tepehuano yarn paintings and beaded carvings collected by Allan on his Mexican adventures. The Huichol and Tepehuano people inhabit remote parts of north central Mexico. Yarn paintings are created as a testament to their life and relationships to the forces of the spiritual world. 

The term "yarn painting" is used to describe the technique of decorating flat surfaces with wax and yarn. Most of these same techniques are used by Huichol and Tepehuano artists to decorate other objects like masks and carved wooden animals. Yarn paintings are created by applying wax to a prepared surface, usually plywood, and then pressing the yarn into the wax. 

On the backs of each yarn painting, the artist has written a description of what is going on in the painting. The artist writes in Spanish, which is a second language for him. We have done our best to translate each description. 

Update March 2020:

New yarn paintings coming soon!

Beaded Huichol Eggs


Tepehuano Yarn Painting (Hummingbird & Water God)


Tepehuano Yarn Painting (Peyote Flower)


Tepehuano Yarn Painting (Shaman and Pilgrims Baptism Ceremony)


Tepehuano Yarn Painting (Shaman Traditional Ceremony warding off evil)