Beaded Huichol Eggs

These wonderful “eggs” beaded by the Huichol Indians of central Mexico have been collected by Allan for several years. Some of the ones in this offering are from his personal collection, and others he has sent us from his travels near Puerto Vallarta this winter. Many of the symbols sacred to the Huichols are represented on these eggs — peyote, the deer, the turtle and the eagle. We cannot list or display them all individually, but if you know you want something special, tell us in the “comments” section of the order pages, and we will do our best to send you what you ask for. We guarantee that whatever we send will be perfect for you. These eggs will be a perfect and unique Christmas gift. Each has a string for hanging from a Christmas tree as a sacred ornament year after year, or in a special place in the home year around. Allan’s mother reports them in her catalogs at $32 each – shop here and get a bargain at $18 each, or three for $45.