Allan Hardman: Toltec Easter Celebration CD

On February 28, 2002, Toltec author and teacher Miguel Ruiz suffered a serious heart attack. When the members of the Toltec Community gathered for their annual Easter Celebration at the end of March, don Miguel was lying in a coma in a hospital. His core of trained teachers presented a beautiful weekend in his absence. On Easter Sunday following the fire ceremony, Allan Hardman was invited to open the morning and prepare everyone for the Easter ceremony of acceptance. As Allan surrendered himself more and more during his sharing, he began to open to the truth of the I AM. As he did so, a transcendent moment came when he experienced the loving presence of Miguel Ruiz as that Divine Love, in the room, and in his body. You are invited to share this magical moment with Allan on Easter Sunday, 2002. Dream with him that you have been to the fire. . . you have surrendered your resistance to your Divinity . . . and accepted the Truth of who you ARE.