The Heart of Healing

You MUST have this book! Allan’s chapter, “The Impotent Hero,” was published here alongside articles by Deepak Chopra, Dean Ornish and others in the healing profession. Allan writes about what happens to men as they mature and try to have relationships. He explains how to move through the world with confidence and power as a man, to reclaim authenticity and leave guilt behind. If you are a man, this book offers you the opportunity to wake up and become the man you were born to be. If you are a woman, here is the opportunity to understand your man in amazing new ways.

A Review of The Heart of Healing

"The future of healing is here.

"I am writing this review not because I was a contributing author to this book, but because I was so enamored with what my co-authors wrote. This is really a terrific book on healing, and one that should be read by every patient who has a chronic or functional disease or painful condition. One important thing that I’ve learned along my journey as a healer (and also as a board certified urologist) is this: how we store and process our emotions is the biggest factor influencing our health. Many of the authors in this book approach this emotional issue from different perspectives. In fact, you will notice that as a common theme throughout many of the chapters. Until one looks at the emotional issues and conflicts in their life, and seeks to resolve them, then healing of chronic problems can be very challenging. This book is literally worth it’s weight in gold, and it will change your life if you will allow it."

                               Eric B. Robins (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA