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These sets of objects have been collected and assembled by Allan Hardman on his travels in the world—Mexico, Egypt, Peru, Arizona, and California—to serve as a catalyst for you to use in your Medicine Bag. They are certainly not required, nor are they the only pieces you will discover, use, and discard.

The suggestions for the symbols in the list are merely that: Suggestions. Let your dreaming show you what they are and how they can (or cannot) serve you.

You will also need a “mesa”—a cloth to arrange the medicine pieces on when you are using them, and to wrap them in for the medicine bag. The photo was taken on a men’s silk handkerchief. There are many other personal options you might use.

For more information about using the Medicine Bag join TACO, the Toltec Apprentice Community Online. [ ]

Mitote Medicine Sets for starting with the Medicine Bag, containing 22 pieces:

Mirror – The center of it all, the reflection of your Divinity.

The Warrior. Purpose. Personal Freedom. The Light. The Nagual.

Spider – The Parasite. Essential! Fear. Lies. Lack. Doubt. Limitations.

Coin – Ten pesos. The Journey: Serpent to Eagle/Warrior.

Rope – For tying, cording, disconnecting, hanging, cutting.

Red Coral – Red for passion. Blood force. Life energy. Healing.

Scarab – From Egypt. Rising Sun. Cockroach. Many possibilities.

Screw Hook – Who do you hook? How do you screw yourself?

Clothes Pin – Holding on. Hanging up. Releasing.

Eye – Who is watching you? Who are you watching? Can you be seen?

Pearl – Irritation made beautiful, purity, wisdom, integrity, dignity.

Bell – Wake UP! Church. School.

Shell – What shells protect you? Ocean of the infinite. Vagina.

Turtle – Safety? Hiding? Longevity. Mother Earth. Self-pacing.

Silver Star – Who is your star? Do you shine? Four elements plus Life.

Wood Star – Not as much glitter, still a star.

Hematite – Balance energies, physical healing, release limitations.

Skull – The Angel of Death. Departed one. Spiritual transformation.

Frog – Abundance. Kiss to make prince. Fertility. Moon. Water.

Heart – Love, broken, need, intention? Healing. Open/closed.

Rose – Sweet gift. Broken promises and dreams? Purity.

Amethyst crystal – Calmness, sobriety, transformation, chakra balance.

PLUS one special piece selected energetically and wrapped just for you.