Circle of Fire Silver Sword Pendant

SIZE: 1.50 L 0.50 W (inches)

The two-edged sword can cut both ways—to hurt or to heal. To be impeccable with our word is to always use our word in Love. These sword pendants serve to remind us of our commitment to Love and our integrity.

Inspired by Miguel Ruiz’s beautiful Circle of Fire prayer and cast from the original sword created for the first Circle of Fire Ceremony, held in Northern California in 1996, these swords are an elegant and powerful symbol of the impeccability of the word of the Toltec warrior. Your word is a double-edged sword which cuts two ways, for light or for darkness. Bless this sword with your intent and wear it as a potent reminder to use your word with impeccability.

*NOTE: Because of large fluctuations in the price of gold and silver, we would love to quote you the best price available at the time of your inquiry. Email lynn@joydancer or call the office for a quote! (707) 528-1271.