Allan's Complete Wisdom Gift Set

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Allan’s Complete Wisdom Gift Set encompasses most of his best published works so far.

The Everything Toltec Wisdom Book: Allan Hardman details the healing path from Victim to Warrior, from powerless to empowered, told through the tradition of the Toltecs of Mexico. In addition to the love and wisdom he gained through his ten year apprenticeship with Miguel Ruiz and The Four Agreements, Allan has enhanced the Toltec traditions with his own experience as a clinical hypnotherapist and lifetime seeker of Truth. Reading this book will educate and inspire you to deepen your self love and your love and acceptance for everything in the universe.

Healing the Heart of the World: Allan Hardman writes of the healing path from Victim to Warrior, from powerless to empowered. Allan’s chapter for the healing of our world, The Perfect Dream enhances your personal healing and healing of your planet, too! This beautifully written anthology is the third in a series edited by Dawson Church and published by Elite Books. 30 authors include Allan Hardman, Caroline Myss, Thich Nhat Hanh, John Gray, Prince Charles, Bruce Lipton and Masaru Emoto.

Heart of Healing: Allan’s chapter, The Impotent Hero was published in this exciting anthology!!! MEN: Become the Man you were born to be! WOMEN: Become illuminated about what happens to men as they mature, and discover why they are the way they are.

The Five Agreements for The New Relationship: The old agreements about why people enter into romantic partnerships, business relationships and what happens in those relationships are not serving many people. This 5 cd set of Allan’s talks at the Singles to Couples group in Santa Rosa, Ca, is the outline of a way to enter new agreements that are applicable in romantic relationships, of course, but also have value in your relationships with parents and children, friends and neighbors, bosses and employees, and ultimately and most important, with yourself.

How Happy Can You Be? BONUS CD This is the first recording in Allan’s Joydancer Inspiration Teleclass Series! In How Happy Can You Be? Allan defines happiness as the absence of suffering, and describes the difference between pain and suffering. He then provides you with the key to stop suffering, even in the midst of life’s pain. Learn how you can be truly happy in your life, no matter what!!! Use this CD to connect with your inner happiness, which is freedom from suffering.

Track titles:
1. Happiness is Freedom from Suffering
2. The Difference Between Pain and Suffering
3. The Quest for Happiness Blocks Happiness
4. If I’m Too Happy, Something Bad Will Happen
5. Questions Answered and “I Love You!”