Turquoise Chrysacolla and Abalone Shell Mask

SIZE: 8.50 W 7.50 H (inches)

The face of this majestic mask by native sculptor Alberto Hernandez is richly inlaid with soothing, aqua Chrysacolla. Resembling the milky turquoise waters of glacial lagoons high in the Andes Mountains where it is mined, Chrysacolla symbolizes good fortune and happiness. The mask’s facial details are Tiger Obsidian, the enlarged ear lobes are Tigereye and the eyes are Mother of Pearl with Obsidian pupils. The headdress is created with a lightly variegated green and rust stone Alberto calls “Jadite”. Its decorations are inlaid with dark green Goldstone. Known as “Lluvia de las Estrellas” in Mexico, “Rain of the Stars”, enjoy it sparkling in the sunlight. The back is inlaid with shimmering Abalone shell. The commanding, noble presence of this amazing mask evokes a Dream of warriors and priests in the courts of the ancient Toltecs of Teotihuacan. A marvelous, one of a kind treasure.