The MotivAider

The MotivAider helps you change your behavior and habits by enabling you to do something you can’t do very well on your own. It automatically keeps your mind focused on changing the particular behavior or habit you want to change.

The MotivAider is a true innovaton in self-improvement. It’s an amazingly easy-to-use tool that puts you in control of your own behavior and habits. It allows you to replace troublesome old behavior and habits with constructive new behavior and habits you choose. By automatically keeping your mind focused on making desired changes in your behavior and habits, the MotivAider prevents your good intentions from getting lost in the shuffle. It allows you to follow through and benefit from the same knowledge, ability and motivation that you normally waste.

To use the MotivAider, here’s all you do:

Choose a brief personal message — a word, phrase or image — that reminds and motivates you to change the behavior you’ve decided to change.
Connect your personal message to the MotivAider’s vibration so that whenever you feel the vibration, you’ll automatically think your message.
Set the MotivAider to send you private signals — and therefore your message — as often as necessary to keep you focused on the behavior change you want to make so you’ll stay on track until you’ve achieved your goal.