Toltec Tools of Transformation #2: The Hidden Power of The Four Agreements™ mp3

This is number 2 in Allan's "Toltec Tools of Transformation" series, which was a series of teleclasses he offered describing in detail, tools of the Toltec path. The Four Agreements™ is a best-selling book by Miguel Ruiz, and a wonderful tool to use on the Toltec path. In "The Hidden Power of The Four Agreements,™" Allan goes through each agreement and offers a deeper understanding, describing where we usually get stuck. For example, Agreement #1 says: "Always Be Impeccable With Your Word." Many people mistake that to mean, "always keep your promises and never lie." Allan goes on to explain that what it really means is, "Don't go against yourself." This teleclass is both uplifting and enlightening. Click below to listen to a sample.

The Four Agreements Sample by Joydancer