The Everything Toltec Wisdom Book

This new book by Allan Hardman details the healing path from Victim to Warrior, from powerless to empowered, told through the tradition of the Toltecs of Mexico. In addition to the love and wisdom he gained through his ten year apprenticeship with Miguel Ruiz and The Four Agreements, Allan has enhanced the Toltec traditions with his own experience as a clinical hypnotherapist and lifetime seeker of Truth. Reading this book will educate and inspire you to deepen your self love and your love and acceptance for everything in the universe.

“Your book is superb: so clearly and simply written, so uplifting and powerful. Your voice comes through clear as a bell, which makes me so happy since it’s something I love. All your pithiness and humor are there in just the right amounts, and there isn’t a drop of ego anywhere to be found — all things that have kept me so enthusiastic about working with you for the last four years.” — C.T.

“Great piece of work – more than a book. A tool too! Adds to Don Miguel’s work. I’ve been hooked since reading it. A good thing to be hooked on – unconditional side effects. It’s up to you!” — T.M.

“Allan, since 1988 I have been reading as many Toltec books as I could get my hands on. I found that they all had valuable things to offer, but I was never left feeling like I had a complete book that contained everything I needed to attain the personal freedom that I was searching for. I must say that I am truly impressed with this book. I think it is absolutely the best Toltec book yet; bar none! Clear, concise, useful and last but not least, it was pivotal in waking me up from the dream of the fear. This is a masterful guidebook aimed at reclaiming our personal power and using it to create a life full of happiness and joy.” — Jeff Pukal, Spiritual Life Coach

“Dear Allan, I just want to tell you how much I appreciated and enjoyed your Everything Book on Toltec Wisdom. I have been reading Toltec books since the early 90’s which included all the works of Castaneda, Mares, Ruiz, Eagle Feather, Greggs, etc. However after reading your book, I really felt the power and truth of the Toltec path. Others talked about the path with heart or the importance of love but your book seemed to be a demonstration of love in action. I could feel the love and integrity of your words and felt grateful that someone has placed the foundation of Toltec wisdom on love with such clarity. Thanks for opening my eyes to a more heart-felt awareness of Toltec wisdom. I trust that the final truth of everything is ‘just’ love.” — C.G.

“Just finished Everything Toltec book. Wow!!! I had read all of don Miguel Ruiz’s books, and was thirsting for more about Toltec. I came across your book and was just blown away. It really helped offer me a wider and well-rounded view of Toltec teachings. I plan to turn to page 1 and just reread the entire thing. Maybe 3 times!! Thanks to you and all who helped contribute to the book. I wish it were required reading in all the schools!!” — C.K.

“Greetings, Allan, I have to tell you how much I am enjoying your book. I have underlined, highlighted, written in exclamation points, enclosed paragraphs, folded down pages ….and have set it aside to study and contemplate, only to come back to it again later.” — B.C.

“I love the book, it’s wonderful. It really is deeply touching, I wonder how the person who wrote this knows so much about me.” — S.H.

“Hi Allan, your book just arrived. A quick look through it had me full of good vibes and crying tears of joy. Thank you.” — C.T.